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Our Tours

When you take our tour you will:

  • ✔ Ride a clean air-conditioned vehicle.
  • ✔ Learn about the island of St. Maarten/St.Martin and its history.
  • ✔ Enjoy some of the breath taking and panoramic views on the island. This will include photo stops.
  • ✔ Visit the two island capitals, Marigot and Philipsburg.
  • ✔ Visit Orient Bay. Clothing optional beach.

If you are a cruise passenger, our island tours will departure from the Dr. A.C. Wathey Cruise Terminal in Pointe Blanche. From there on through the main traffic artery through the capital Philipsburg, accenting the historical Great Salt Pond, tranquil pools of water that once held the center or a vibrant salt industry. The Salt Pond is an ecosystem unique as the elements it contains and a sanctuary for various species of wildlife.

A.C. Wathey Cruise Terminal

Orient Beach St. Maarten

Among the pivotal stops made along the tour route is Orient Bay, the most popular beach on the island, also located on the French side of the island. Orient Bay is reputed as much for its natural beauty and setting as it is for being the island´s foremost swimsuit optional beach on the island while offering various water sports, spa services, beach massage, and sports activities.

Next stop Marigot, the capital of French St. Martin. Prepare to be amazed by the cultural variances and feel between the French and Ducth sides of the island. Get ready to experience a little bit of France while totally Caribbean. The city is renowned for its creole and authentic cuisines which converge on the main square at the waterfront.

Marigot St.Martin

Marigot St.Martin

One of the things St. Maarten has gained world renown for is the spectacle of the plane landings at Sunset Beach, at Maho Reef. Don't forget you cameras and video recorders and capture this amazing sight for posterity. Your funometer might bulge at the seems at this oen.

Nature enthusiasts will be thrilled at this carefully managed habitat for many of the local species of butterflies on the island. The first of its kind in the Caribbean the Butterfly Far is located on the French part of the island on the Route du Galion. The farm’s creators work alongside scientists to preserve endangered species. The staff will walk you through a lush tropical rain forest amidst flowers and trees, ponds and a trickling waterfall with butterflies flying overhead and all around you in their own natural paradise.

Marigot St.Martin

My husband and I really enjoyed our tour with guide Jose. We toured with another couple and their kids, so the tour was more like a semi private tour. We were able to go where we wanted and spend the amount of time we wanted at each stop. We traveled in a comfy air conditioned Lincoln Navigator. I was given Jose's contact info from a friend, we did not book the excursion though our cruise line. There was a similar tour listed on the ship's list of excursions, however, I highly doubt it would have been in such a personal setting. Jose was very informative and personable.

Walton Hills, Ohio